Monday, February 27, 2012

Web Design 101

My days are buzzing again, slipping into evenings and then into midnights, and I’m not a full time writer. I am a full time thinker, doer, consultant, planner, part time baker, and overtime dreamer. What this means is, that I am packing for an upcoming business trip and finalizing reader review markups at the same time. But, just when I think I’m slipping under the surface of the literary lake I have built for myself, a bit of sun shines through and I climb back above the water, ready to doggy paddle for a bit longer.

Today that light came in the form of a phone call from Ed. He and I are working on the design concept for Book 2. We’ve gotten an amazing photo to consider for the cover and have started kicking around ideas for a website upgrade. So, because Ed is brilliant, he throws out an idea that I love to help define the new design. He’s going to poll his art students, maybe hold a contest of sorts, to see what concepts they have for marketing a second book in a series, my book – A History Renewed!

Of course I said YES. I love this idea! It merges so many things that are important to me, promoting A History Renewed, helping students gaining real world experience, sharing successes with young people, giving students the opportunity to showcase their artistic talents in a real setting.
College changed my life, it gave me a future that I would not have had otherwise. It didn’t change who I am, just gave me a few more rungs the same ladder. I’m so excited to be giving someone else an extra rung in their ladder, a line on their resume, and a real world experience that will benefit us both.

I’ll be sure to share news along the way!


  1. I can't wait to see the cover! And read part 2!

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