Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend news

My paperback proof arrived this week!! (Needs some small tweaks but we’re getting close!)

Friday was a half work day for me so I spent my afternoon working on marketing for my book. For all you Nook readers, I signed with Barnes and Nobel to sell the Nook version of A Marked Past on B& starting 1 October. For everyone else, Kindle and Paperback Books will be available 1 October on and

After a well deserved caffeine buzz and some smoozing (yes I had to drink 4 iced coffees in as many hours) I am proud to say that my book marks are available free in all four local coffee houses within 10 minutes of my house. And I’ve been invited to attend a First Friday at King Street Coffee this winter to do a reading and a book signing (date TBD).
Next I ventured to the local library and was thrilled when they asked for 1000 bookmarks to pass out! They also made my day by asking me to host a teen writing event this Spring. This is something that I would LOVE to do. Those of you who knew me in high school might recall that I always wanted to be a JR High or High School English teacher so spending an evening with a bunch of aspiring teen writers would be a great night for me!
For all my Ohio friends, free book marks will be available at the Stillwater ChainMaille booth at the Renaissance Festival. Say hi to Jeff B. for me and be sure to check out his handy work – it’s really cool!

Keep watching for news, we’re down to just over 30 days till release day!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

On the same page

Today was an odd day, sprinkled with unrelated events. First a meeting with the printers to finalize the posters, they should be ready this weekend! Then a dentist appointment, then a series of random meetings, then an earthquake, then the delivery of my book marks. So to recap, good, meh, meh, yikes, and then YEA! Crazy day.
Ever wonder what 2,000 book marks would look like? Me too! And PS they weigh a ton too!
(I guess the earthquake damaged the server becuase this picture was not posted upside down!)

Close up

The book marks will be featured as part of my book giveaway coming up next month on Goodreads. The Giveaway winners will receive a signed copy of A Marked Past with a custom bookmark included.
I’m also working with Amazon and cafĂ© Press to offer special items like signed copies of the book with a bookmark, t-shirts, hoodies, and some other fun stuff. I’ll keep you posted on these items as more details are available. Until then, keep watching the A Marked Past website for the trailer release!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sticking to it

With just about a month and a half to go to release day (October 1st) I have a million little post-its sticking all around me. I even found one stuck to the bottom of my sock this morning reminding me to write this blog.
I’m working with Amazon to finalize the manuscript and cover for my proof copy. This means that they will print a draft paperback copy for me to thumb through and look for any last minute tweaks. They also sent me the draft ebook version this week so I am reading through it on my Kindle and making notes (more post-its).
Next, I’ve agreed to participate in an online interview/guest blog on a book review website. I’ll post details when I know more about when the post will be revealed.
A big thank you to all who joined Goodreads and voted for A Marked Past – I really appreciate it! It’s currently in the lead for the book club read in November and with any luck it will stay there.
I’m working with Amazon to set up a pre order sale starting on or about September 25th. I’ll post a note when it’s set up and live.

Monday, August 8, 2011

My Girls Are Famous!

A fellow dog lover and blogger has posted a short article about my three dachshund girls and how they helped me write A Marked Past. Well, how they slept through it anyway. Take a peek at Mary's Blog

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Vote Vote Vote!

I’ve checked the polls and I’m just a few votes away from A Marked Past being selected for the November book club on goodreads. If you have about 5 minutes to create an account and want to vote, please do! It would be amazing for A Marked Past to be the book club read! Here's the link to vote! Vote!

Next I’m excited to share that I will be ordering my proof copy of the book this week from Amazon. This is draft version that I can look through to double check final things like pagination, cover images, all those last minute things that have to be done before the book can be released. It will also be the first time I will see A Marked Past in true book form. I am so very excited! I’ll post a photo when it arrives.
Tonight is the ebook test as well. I’ll be receiving the file from Amazon to test on my Kindle. With just over 50 days to go, it’s all starting to come together!