Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sticking to it

With just about a month and a half to go to release day (October 1st) I have a million little post-its sticking all around me. I even found one stuck to the bottom of my sock this morning reminding me to write this blog.
I’m working with Amazon to finalize the manuscript and cover for my proof copy. This means that they will print a draft paperback copy for me to thumb through and look for any last minute tweaks. They also sent me the draft ebook version this week so I am reading through it on my Kindle and making notes (more post-its).
Next, I’ve agreed to participate in an online interview/guest blog on a book review website. I’ll post details when I know more about when the post will be revealed.
A big thank you to all who joined Goodreads and voted for A Marked Past – I really appreciate it! It’s currently in the lead for the book club read in November and with any luck it will stay there.
I’m working with Amazon to set up a pre order sale starting on or about September 25th. I’ll post a note when it’s set up and live.

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