Saturday, March 24, 2012

Book Signing in VA

Yesterday I met an amazing shop owner Monica and her framer Katherine. Together they keep the posh little frame and decor shop in Dumfries called Belle Framing and Frills running. I immediately smiled when I entered the covered porch and made my way through the double french doors, only to be greeted by a loud hello, and an offer of coffee.  The shop is in a building that looks like an old Genrnal store, but since it as been gutted and filled with tasteful decor it's got a furnished barn feel that I loved. This place is definitely a diamond in a rustic setting, shimmeringly shabby chic and the perfect place to host an A Marked Past book signing in mid April! 

Paperback books will be for sale and we'll be revealing the cover for Book 2: A History Renewed. I'm also working on some giveaways. More details to come!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Ready Set Review!

Today one of the bloggers on GoodReads kicked off a read and review event called Read It & Reap for A Marked Past. She was offering 25 ebook copies of A Marked Past in exchange for reviews and her offer was filled in less than 24 hours.

I’m really looking forward to the reviews and critiques.

I got a teaser message from Ed today letting me know about a new url for the Mercer Legacy website and that I am going to really like the new design. Eek…can’t wait to see it!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Random thoughts to share today…

I’ve been working long hours this week at my consulting job so I’m really looking forward to getting back to a normal schedule and maybe having a quiet weekend.

I’ve been in a zombie like state in the evenings this week, not sure if it’s the time change or too much work, but I hope it passes soon.

I’ve been making reader updates in the evenings so I only have 100 pages of edits to go for Book 2 - A History Renewed

I only have 45 days to go before I hand my manuscript off to the editor

I just discovered KickStarter and I’m fascinated by the concept…my husband has sponsored a few video game development projects in exchange for Giveaways and Schwag

I also discovered a new wine this week that I love. It’s called Middle Sister and I bought it because my sister Sarah is a middle sister and I love her. (sometimes these connections don’t pay off, but this one did!)

Monday, March 12, 2012

A Little Inspiration

I have exactly 48 days to hand over my completed manuscript to the editor. I’m knee deep in revisions for Book 2, and to keep me focused my husband ordered me the perfect inspiration - Lyla’s favorite pizza! A box of Lou Malnati's pizza is snuggly resting in our freezer.
The oven is getting hot and the inspiration is definitely flowing now!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

A little more detail please...

Coming to the end of a great week. I am in Orlando enjoying some sun in between speaking at a conference, planning another speaking event, and working on content for my website upgrade. The weather has been beautiful, the conference audience was great to me, even asked questions after my presentation, and really seemed to enjoy the presentation. Speaking at the conference has been great; it is so rewarding to talk with other people who do what I do, and truly understand the world I work in every day. It’s also AWESOME to hear thank yous for giving such a “great” presentation and be asked for your card because they want to learn more from you about how to fix their own processes. Sometimes the consulting world can be pretty rewarding.
But now on to the exciting stuff. I had a conference call with my web design team this week. We talked through current state, expectations, themes, colors, things I like about other sites, things I hate, a million other little things. And at the end of it all I started to hear about their ideas for the new direction of my website (currently A Marked Past, to become The Mercer Legacy Site). They asked for more content, way more information, about me, about the books I read, about the characters themselves, other things I written, and what I'm currently working on. It should be amazing when they are done. I can’t wait to see what they come up with!
Here’s a picture of my web design team hard at work. (Thanks guys!)