Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pay Day!

I got my first royalty check today for A Marked Past...it's tiny, but means so very much to me!

Thanks for all the kind words you have been sharing about A Marked Past. I'm still excited and amazed everyday to hear that people are actually reading my book... and enjoying it!!

I'm working my way through Book 2 and your encouragement is really helping push me along!!


If you'd like to post a review of A Marked Past please feel free to visit one of the links below and share your thoughs with me!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Break Out Your Library Card

I got some great news today…the Middletown Library has a copy of A Marked Past in circulation!! I’ve also heard that Springboro High School and Junior High have copies in their library as well.  

Good news just keeps rolling in. I signed 14 copies today of A Marked Past and sent them on their way to their owners. Book sales broke 200 last week, and the reviews are just starting to roll in. One of the Free Giveaway winners gave the book 4 stars on GoodReads and said she’s anxiously awaiting Book 2.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


This week I am on vacation and even though I am surrounded by the beauty of the island of Maui I always seem to be surrounded too by the magic of A Marked Past. Sitting on my balcony this morning, I was sipping coffee and listening to the surf roll in. And thinking about Book 2. I was silently finalizing the next story in my mind, tossing scenarios out. What if she…, er um… well, what about, if….so alas, I gave up and went snorkeling instead.

In mid afternoon I mustered up enough energy to walk to a small Polynesian stand to get some lunch for my football watching hubby. As I stood waiting for my order, I saw a black cat. She emerged from the wide palm frowns, stretched her long, lean body; titling toward the ground, then arching her back, she turned to face me. I smiled at the sleek feline marveling at the fact, that even amidst the overtly tropical setting, a black cat would find me. Some would call it strange, but maybe it’s magic.

I’m here in Maui, sitting on my balcony, with my computer on my lap and Lyla on my mind. More to come.
The view from my balcony.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Progress Report

This past week has been an exciting one for A Marked Past and me.
A Marked Past recorded more than 200 sales and received 9 five star ratings on GoodReads, Barnes and Nobel, and Amazon.com. This is awesome and wouldn’t be possible without readers like you!
I also got the honor of shipping out 5 books to the Free Giveaway Winners on GoodReads, and I’ll anxiously awaiting news from the 4 teen book reviewers who are currently reading A Marked Past. When they post their reviews on their blogs I’ll share the links asap!  
As for Book 2, I AM making progress, I promise!
I was away for training for a few days so I took advantage of my flight time to do some writing in book 2. I’m excited to report that it’s coming along nicely. I have about 50,000 words left to go before I can hand it off for preliminary readers. It might sound like a lot of writing left to do, but when you start writing about something like a battle, you’d be surprised how quickly those words add up.