Saturday, November 5, 2011

Progress Report

This past week has been an exciting one for A Marked Past and me.
A Marked Past recorded more than 200 sales and received 9 five star ratings on GoodReads, Barnes and Nobel, and This is awesome and wouldn’t be possible without readers like you!
I also got the honor of shipping out 5 books to the Free Giveaway Winners on GoodReads, and I’ll anxiously awaiting news from the 4 teen book reviewers who are currently reading A Marked Past. When they post their reviews on their blogs I’ll share the links asap!  
As for Book 2, I AM making progress, I promise!
I was away for training for a few days so I took advantage of my flight time to do some writing in book 2. I’m excited to report that it’s coming along nicely. I have about 50,000 words left to go before I can hand it off for preliminary readers. It might sound like a lot of writing left to do, but when you start writing about something like a battle, you’d be surprised how quickly those words add up.

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