Sunday, November 13, 2011


This week I am on vacation and even though I am surrounded by the beauty of the island of Maui I always seem to be surrounded too by the magic of A Marked Past. Sitting on my balcony this morning, I was sipping coffee and listening to the surf roll in. And thinking about Book 2. I was silently finalizing the next story in my mind, tossing scenarios out. What if she…, er um… well, what about, if….so alas, I gave up and went snorkeling instead.

In mid afternoon I mustered up enough energy to walk to a small Polynesian stand to get some lunch for my football watching hubby. As I stood waiting for my order, I saw a black cat. She emerged from the wide palm frowns, stretched her long, lean body; titling toward the ground, then arching her back, she turned to face me. I smiled at the sleek feline marveling at the fact, that even amidst the overtly tropical setting, a black cat would find me. Some would call it strange, but maybe it’s magic.

I’m here in Maui, sitting on my balcony, with my computer on my lap and Lyla on my mind. More to come.
The view from my balcony.

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