Tuesday, August 23, 2011

On the same page

Today was an odd day, sprinkled with unrelated events. First a meeting with the printers to finalize the posters, they should be ready this weekend! Then a dentist appointment, then a series of random meetings, then an earthquake, then the delivery of my book marks. So to recap, good, meh, meh, yikes, and then YEA! Crazy day.
Ever wonder what 2,000 book marks would look like? Me too! And PS they weigh a ton too!
(I guess the earthquake damaged the server becuase this picture was not posted upside down!)

Close up

The book marks will be featured as part of my book giveaway coming up next month on Goodreads. The Giveaway winners will receive a signed copy of A Marked Past with a custom bookmark included.
I’m also working with Amazon and cafĂ© Press to offer special items like signed copies of the book with a bookmark, t-shirts, hoodies, and some other fun stuff. I’ll keep you posted on these items as more details are available. Until then, keep watching the A Marked Past website for the trailer release!

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