Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Mom!

It’s my mom’s birthday!! She is 54 years old today, an amazing, loving, glowing, giving, woman who makes me smile every time I talk to her. She loves unconditionally, has faith when mine runs low, and always has a place for me at her table. She manages my mood swings, celebrates my successes, and tears up when I cry. She may have been a teenager when she had me, but she has always been nothing less than an amazing mother to me.
She gave me her heart when I was born and has let me carry it around with me everywhere I go. The day I left for college was our longest day, it tested the stretch of her heart lines, it tested the strength of our bond, and the lessons she had imparted to me. But during those four years and more than a decade later her heart is still with me. It rides with me in traffic to my office, sits with me on my back steps and sips coffee on lazy mornings, it flies with me and meets her in various places around the world.
I never feel better than when I am with her, sipping, chatting, laughing, sunning, splashing, whatever the world may bring to us that day. I always enjoy it even more with my mom by my side.  

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you more than you might know, but never more than you will deserve.

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