Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A little Inspiration

When I was a little girl I was a full-fledged fraidy cat, believing in goblins, and ghosts, and werewolves that loomed outside my window. I remember sitting up in bed, breath frozen in my chest, watching shadows swirl and merge into monsters outside my window, then race across my bedroom wall with the flicker of headlights. My imagination was my biggest threat back then. I’d shove my head under my blanket and reach for my little sister’s hand to protect me from myself.

Sarah would squeeze my hand and tell me, nearly 5 years her senior, that it was just the wind, or the traffic passing by and to go back to sleep. Closing my eyes tight, I would hold onto my sister and try to forget the fear. Instead, I’d fill my mind with positive things, like bunnies and berries and magic, and then just before I’d fall asleep I’d focus on fairies. I would imagine them flitting through my imagination, fluttering among the trees outside my window, and resting quietly alongside me.

Some of my faves from online...
Great Fairy books:

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