Friday, June 24, 2011

Creating a Buzz

My world seems to be spinning right now. A Marked Past is with the proofer, book two is still creeping along, the cover art and marketing materials are underway, and my day job seems never ending. As I am driving to work in the morning I start to wonder, am I doing everything I can right now to build interest in A Marked Past?
Am I blogging enough or too much? Should I be gathering addresses and sending out emails, making calls, mailing out letters, passing out cards or book marks to libraries and book stores? Am I driving my Facebook friends crazy?
I’m new to this world so please bear with me as I “mention” my upcoming book A Marked Past every three seconds for the next three months J 
I’ve been reading about self publishing wonders like GP Taylor and Amanda Hocking who went out on their own and are now highly successful authors. So, feel free to tell your all of your friends, to tell all of their friends, and I’ll tell all of mine to check out the book, visit my blog, shoot me an email. I want to hear from you!!

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