Monday, June 20, 2011

Some news!

I took two weeks off for vacation and finally made some progress toward my upcoming release date for A Marked Past. Over the past few weeks I have been both blissfully unconnected from the web and quietly driving forward, developing my cover art and marketing materials for A Marked Past.
I am very excited to share that Erin Enderle (amazing photographer that she is) has agreed to let me use one of her photos for my cover. It’s dark and moody just like the setting and I hope you love it as much as I do. After getting permission to use the photo I met with Ed Deaton, my art director (and brother) who is now cranking away on a concept for my book trailer and a layout for the cover. We’ll meet later today to talk through the work he’s been doing for me and I hope to have the cover posted in the next week or so.
While in Kentucky I hoped to learn a bit more about different types of magic but to be honest all I found was this…

Instead I learned more about my ability to nearly forget that I had a life outside of that boat and the deep lake water around me. I missed writing but I feel rested, more whole somehow. I sat in the evening air and listened to my parents’ voices carry through the cabin and remembered where I had come and who fueled my creativity in the first place. It was a week of family, good friends, and a much needed break.

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